Board Members

The AFS India Board Members are a diverse group representing AFS alumni from sixties, and leaders from like-minded organization who believe in the vision and mission of the organization.

Angela Roye


Educationist, Environmentalist, Founder-Principal of Angela Roye’s Child Development Center, Bangalore (established in 1997), An AFS Returnee from batch of 1966-67), Former banker who served in a large nationalised bank at various senior managerial positions. Has a Masters Degree in Child Development and is a sought after speaker, teacher, and trainer in her subject of Early Childhood Education.


Arvind N Agrawal

Alumnus for  IIT  (Kharagpur), IIM (Ahmadabad) and IIT (Bombay), Awarded National HRD Award in 1992, Qualified Professional Certified Coach (PCC) From International Coach Federation, International Qualified Trainer for Intercultural Learning, An AFS Returnee from 1967-68 batch, Proud Host father of AFS Hosted Student.


Ebbe Skovdal

President and Chief Coach of iDIMENSIONS Alignment for Success, Leader, Manager, Toruble-Shooter, Change-Agent. Corporate Secretary for AFS Intercultural Programs in New York. AFS Returnee.


Joseph Kuok

Alumni of St. Stephen’s College, Post Graduate in Business Economics from Delhi University, Winner of Bronze Medal in the 1982 IXth. Asian Games held at New Delhi in Waterpolo. Father of AFS Alumni.


Sumer Singh

Alumnus of The Doon School and St. Stephens College, Was head of Lawrence School, Sanawar. Served as Director of the Asian School, Dehradun. Elected as Chairman of IPSC for 2 years in Jan 2014, Trustee of the Round Square Board in London, on the Advisory Executive of HM King Constantine and is a member of G 20 and the Global Connections.


Bharat Wakhlu

Committed, results-oriented business leader and cross-functional manager with a demonstrated record of success, transforming enterprises and guiding leaders to deliver outstanding and lasting value to chosen stakeholders. Cross-culturally sensitive and engaging, and a technologically perceptive facilitator of beneficial change.


AFS Staff supports our volunteers, and enable exchanges to succeed by working together to ensure that the highest quality experiences are afforded to all participants and host families. The staff at AFS International provide worldwide support, quality control and development of the more than 50 AFS Partners across the globe.


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Aadil Fahim

Manager, Branding and Volunteer Development

E-mail: [email protected]  | Skype: aadilfahim

My association with AFS goes back to 2007 when I went on an AFS exchange program to the United States. After coming back, I volunteered with AFS Delhi Chapter. Currently, I work as Manager, Branding & Volunteer Development where I plan, develops and direct marketing efforts for AFS India with development of strategies & methodologies for the growth of volunteers. I pursued my Masters in Conflict Analysis and Peace Building with Bachelors in Journalism. I hold a Diploma in Script Writing with certification of Fundamentals of Graphic Design from California Insitute of Arts & Design and Make Inforgraphics from Michigan State University.
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Bharat Kandpal

Account Senior Assistant

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: bharat.kandpal

I like  learning and exploring new things. My main motive during the time I joined office was to learn from others and giving my best in what I do: account & finance work. With the finance work, I get plenty of time to interact with the volunteres & other stakeholders which helps me grow as an individual at personal and interpersonal level.

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Divya Arora

National Director

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: divya.arora33

I am Divya and I am associated with AFS since May 2006 first as a volunteer and then as staff. It seems like a life time that I have been with AFS. Before AFS…I have done many things and gone from profession to profession. I have a diverse work experience for over 20 years across various schools, not for profit organizations, hospitals, businesses and export houses. My father is my inspiration. He was motivational writer & speaker and has taught me from beginning to be always positive and he gave me a thought that work is worship. I became the National Director since 2009 and lead the team at the AFS National Office in India. I work in all departments associated with the governance and operations. I have the motto “buck stops here” – that covers everything.

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Heena Shahzad

Hosting  Senior Support

I am responsible for the execution of program planning in Hosting Department of the organization, within the diverse local setting. I work from the initial phase to the end of the Year long programs. I always try to make sure that there is volunteer engagement in the process which helps in facilitating smooth hosting process in terms of recruiting host families, reaching out to a new school, community service organizations and supporting the students at the chapter level. During the hosting process, I always try to providing timely support to host students by addressing their distress concerns. I joined AFS back in 2015 and I see my journey today with many learning, exposure and more importantly working with fun.

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Joceline Joshy

Volunteer Support

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: jocelinejoshy.afs

I joined AFS as a Volunteer Support. My role is to assist in the Volunteer Development Process.  Being part of the volunteer development team, it is a great to know the volunteers closely. On the academic front, I have completed my post graduation in Sociology from Jamia Millia Islamia and am a graduate from Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University. For me, AFS is not just a normal job but more of living through different worldviews, learning and spreading the same across. I love to travel, explore new places, meet different people and learn about their culture along with my job maintaining the perfect mix of work and fun. Being positive is my mantra to everything in life.

Falguni Surana

Event Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: falgunisurana

I joined AFS as an Event Coordinator I assist AFS team with Events and Orientations Part. I hold an experience over work of 2.5 years. Whereas in Academic front I am graduate in History honors From JDMC, Delhi University and also have completed certificate course in Graphic designing from Shri Aurobindo College of arts and Commerce.  Whereas I love to meet new people, and listen their experiences, as that inspires me further with my job as well as life as in whole. Being True to yourself is something which I believe in.

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Kunjan Kaith

HR Coordinator & Program Support

E-mail: [email protected] |
Skype: kunjanvasavada

I work with three departments i.e. HR/ISO/School & Short Term where in I help in handling the hiring function, attendance management, and other such policy formation with regards to the HR management under the guidance of National Director. Since I have an experience in managing the quality systems, I am the Management Representative wherein I handle the ISO certification in AFS mostly comprising of ensuring that the key processes are aligned with the ISO needs. I am also a part of the school and short term program team where in I look after the end-to-end management of the sending programs under the short term program banner with the support and guidance of the manager.  The multi dimensional experience provided by AFS India has greatly influenced in the enhancement of professional skills.

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Nikhil Bhatnagar

Outbound AFS Program Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: nikhil.afs

I joined AFS India, as Outbound AFS Program Coordinator. I am mainly responsiblefor promoting AFS Year Program.I work and assist Students and Parents through the whole Application Process of Year Program. I also support other departments, whenever required. I am having 8.5 years of experience in the Education Sector and have done Masters in the fields of Marketing and Finance. I am a very Enthusiastic& Positive Person and these are two strong points about my personality. I always try to laugh at some point in the day especially during times that are Stressful. Outside of AFS, I enjoy dancing &cooking. I like Exchanging new ideas, finding interesting things about different cultures and experience new things. Life has taught me well and Working with AFS has given me vast exposure in International aspect of Intercultural Learning and I believe that AFS makes difference in the lives of many.

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Priya Bhattacharya

Admin and Special Programs Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: priya.afs

I work as the Admin and Special Programs Coordinator since 2015 in AFS India. I take care and manage the overall administration of the organization and support in Volunteer Development team and the Short Term team. In the volunteer development department, I take care of the International Volunteer Exchange programs and involved in overall chapter related activities. Being a part of this team, gives me ample opportunities to know and interact with volunteers, the backbone of our organization, which is great. Apart from this, I support the Short Term team, especially on the hosting side and take care of the Domestic Class Exchange program as well. I have done bachelors degree in Economics and have pursued Executive Program in Management from IIM C. I believe that an organization can only perform at its potential, if the people associated with it have proper administration, coordination and communication within themselves. Working with AFS has given me vast exposure to know and have an international aspect of intercultural learning and understanding which has been a great learning experience for me.


Prashant Kumar

Finance Head

E-mail: [email protected]

I head the Finance department at AFS India. I have been making sure that the functioning of AFS Intercultural Programs India doens’t get hindered or interrupted because of any snag from Finance side. Working with AFS family is a great experience as I not only get to work in my field, but I also get to explore many other dimensions: meeting people, learning new things and being part of AFS family.

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Ridhima Chabbra

Manager, Educational Relationships & Program Innovation

E-mail: [email protected] |
Skype: ridhima.chabbra

I joined AFS three years back and my growth as a person and professional has been tremendous working here. At present, I am majorly responsible of developing & maintaining relations with educational institutions and at the same time heading AFS short term programs (both Sending& Hosting) in India. I have always been into client management and it’s interesting to keep educational institutions engaged with AFS Mission. It’s also very heartwarming to interact with students who have dreams to be part of the global world. These are students who want to witness a culture not as a tourist but as an integral part of the host country. It’s amazing knowing so many people working together for the same mission.

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Roshan Sajan

Hosting Support

E-mail:[email protected] |
Skype: roshan_sajan

I work with students participating in year or semester programs that depart in the fall. I also have served as Content making resource which involves a knack of researching, niche write-ups and believes in cross cultural worldviews, experiences or witnesses to recognize, wants to be part of the same. At AFS India, I currently manage the role as Hosting Support for all year or semester Programs. It has been nearing two years since the day I have stepped up for immersion amongst participants of International Intercultural Exchange Programs. Before Joining AFS India, he was previously employed in a publishing company, David C. Cook India, J127 project on trauma, wounds & healing of Children at Risk. I am a student of of Economics, from Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI), New Delhi. Outside of AFS, I enjoy singing in Choir, Playing Violin, doodling with Calligraphy & enjoy involving in philanthropic activities

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S Zia Rahman

Sentio Support

E-mail: [email protected] |
Skype: zia.rahman.s

Hello All, I believe that education is the key to human development and cultural education is a vital part of education. Without the cultural understanding we cannot understand each other which are very important to have world peace. AFS is a unique place where we have all these aspects of education. Here I work with the Sentio Department.  The Sentio department takes care of programs for people above the age of 18. Under these we have a variety of programs which may be academic, internship, community service or a teacher exchange program.  We can also have specially tailored made programs as well. We send and host participants on these programs from various countries. I work with various schools, colleges, universities, corporate organizations, and not for profit organization.

profile image of staff-06

Sandeep Gautam

Manager, Outbound Year Program

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: sgautam_123

I take care of Students who are willing to go in AFS Year Program for both NH and SH cycles. I am a am, Commerce Graduate from Delhi University. I have experience of working with Citigroup, Barclays particularly on Retail Assets side for 12 years before joining AFS India. In AFS India I have been taking care of Out Bound Programs and also take care of all the new initiatives corporate and CPOs. I am also member of the AFS India Think Tank. In my earlier responsibilities with AFS India, I have taken care of Marketing and Sales of AFS India Programs. I have also worked as Project Development Coordinator taking care of all the new project initiatives including the Project with Yale University for two continuous years with AFS-India.

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Sonam Luthra

Sending Manager (Sponsored Program)

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: sonam.luthra

My name is Sonam. I work with students and parents applying for the sponsored programs (Year Program). I strongly believe that International learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives and develop the knowledge and skills needed for participation in our multicultural society.

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Suraj Sharma

YES Senior Assistant

E-mail: [email protected] |
Skype: surajsharma3

I am working in the YES department and have been with AFS India for over 10 years. I assist students and parents through the application process, My immense contribution is in providing support with applications to the department as well as to the students, natural families and volunteers. My love for children and the desire to be associated with an organization providing life changing opportunities keeps me going enthusiastically and has been a strong support for one and all in the office. I believe that AFS has given me a lot since beginning, and I want to continue giving best to the organization and learning from it. Also I love to travel new places and learn about different cultures.

profile image of staff-08

Ujwal Singh

YES & Alumni Coordinator

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: ujwalsingh

My name is Ujwal and I joined AFS India as Alumni Coordinator since April 2015.  Now I am also an integral part of YES department. I am mainly responsible for smooth functioning of both YES and alumni department. In addition, I am also an interim ICL Responsible taking care of the ICL trainings and related task. My engagement with AFS has not only helped in building self confidence but has also provided a platform to grow and learn something new every day. Travelling to Egypt for a workshop with AFS was certainly a highlight of my two years here so far.

profile image of staff-13

Vyom Raisurana

Inbound Sponsored Programs Support

E-mail: [email protected] |
Skype: vyomraisurana

At AFS, I primarily work on the Sponsored Programs on which students come to India. My association with AFS dates back to 2010 when I went to the US for my exchange year. While working at AFS India has been an enriching journey thus far, I strive to contribute to the growth of the organization and thereby build on my skills as an individual. I feel that Intercultural Learning helps bridge the gap between people and cultures; and AFS has been instrumental in implementing Intercultural Learning at the grassroots level. Working with AFS, I  feel a strong sense of contribution to the society.

profile image of staff-18


Office Support

E-mail: [email protected] | Skype: balram.afs

I like working at AFS India. I believe that a smooth running organization can only be developed only when every administrative work is taken care of in a meaningful way. I enjoy the company of people in office. I have learned a lot since I joined the organization. WIth changing organization, I have seen the growth and development in the people around myself and in the organization as a whole.

profile image of staff-17

Kuldeep Mishra

Office Support

Skype: kuldeep.mishra921

I work as an Office Support. With new addition to the AFS family, I have lot to learn and explore. I try to provide my expertise in any field I can as per the need and requirement. With each assignment, I learn a new thing, and that, in the end, feels like an achievement.

Learn to appreciate and accept others' point of view while working with AFS.

“There are many organisations which are involved in the lot of conflicts around the world, almost all the conflicts originate from lack of understanding of other point of view of the other side but there are very few organisations like AFS which give people, the experience and tools not only to understand the other’s point of view but also to appreciate and accept that point of view without giving up their own views.”

Staffer with AFS India


“AFS has given me a wonderful chance to grow with them, feel young at heart and live a beautiful life while making the world a smaller place by meeting the people from various culture. The joy of watching these participants making the differences in their life and encompassing people’s lives is something I really enjoy the most .It would be incomplete if I don’t mention about the valuable, selfless & outstanding volunteers. Working with the volunteers is an experience in itself.”

Staffer with AFS India