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Whether you are in high school, at a university or jump-starting your career, AFS has the right program for you! Go to school, learn another language or check out our cultural internships and volunteer abroad opportunities. Host families and volunteers are waiting to help make your intercultural learning experience the best time of your life.

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“I’m normally a shy person, but here it’s kind of impossible. Every day at school, I interacted with Indian kids who were curious about American culture and my reason for coming to India. At home, I would be telling my mom about my day in broken Hindi sentences. I used to be hesitant in speaking Hindi because kids would always giggle and give pointed looks to each other. You quickly learn not to be sensitive to forward-sounding remarks because it’s only by realizing your flaws and that you can improve.”

– By Rachel Marie Dinh from USA to India

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AFS is committed to helping young people to go abroad regardless of their financial situation. That’s why AFS works with corporate and community sponsors and individual donors to help finance AFS programs through full and partial scholarships.

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Host an AFSer

Expose your family to a world outside of their own by helping an international student achieve her global dreams. Explore a new culture and share your family life and traditions.

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Proud Indian by Martina Magi from Italy

Martina says “I learned how to adjust, how to accept what is different from me, and how to be patient with the difference. Now I don’t blame the others because they are different, but I love the others because they are different. India is a country of diversity. Being here made me realise how big the world is. I have been abroad for the first time for such a long period of time, and I really go the chance to understand a lot of things: what I want from life, who I want to be, who I want by my side, and the things I want to do. I want to explore. I want to be the diversity for someone else. I want people to come to Italy, and I want them to experience what I experienced in India, because it’s something great, and it’s a special opportunity AFS gives us”

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Experience Diversity by Adomah Paul Jr. from Ghana

Adomah Paul Jr. from Ghana says that India has a lot to offer. When he came here, he knew English, but didn’t speak English that much, but English being a common language in India, he got chance to practice a lot, and his language skills improved. According to him, boarding school life is really different compared to his country back home. He says, “Teachers [in India] are more lovely, friends are always there for you. In school, teachers were my friends.” He says that the concept of adding games with learning was something unique to him which helped him learn things in a better way. He further adds, “My best friends were my teachers; they were every thing to me. I’m proud to be in India just because of my teachers. They told me and taught me things that I was never aware of.”

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Indian Boarding School by Arianna Viola from Italy

Arianna says, “When I had to choose my subjects [in boarding school], everyone was there to help. You can do whatever you want. You’re free to choose all the subjects you want. When I chose my subjects, the first thing I thought now what I will do, if I will pass or not. I was happy, as for each and every difficulty I had [faced] all the teacher were there [to help me]. They were there to give me extra classes and extra time. Girls in my classroom were also there to help me each and every time.” She further adds, “When I first chose India, I wasn’t expecting anything. I knew that India is so different. Now I can say that if you really want to learn something in your life, you must choose India, because India has something to give you: new languages, new cultures, new religions.”

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Colors of India by Andrea Guerci from Italy

Andrea from Italy believes that sports are the very important part of schools. He says, “Every day you practice sports, you can get in touch with lot of guys and you can make new friends every day”. He practiced Kabaddi in India. During his time in India, he learned a lot about religions. He says “Coming here [India] you will learn really a lot about yourself and what you want to become”

Watch the video, Colors of India by Andrea Guerci from Italy, to know more about his experiences & journey of being in Indian boarding school.

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Experience your world through the eyes of a young person from another country

“Our journey with AFS continues, and will continue….and we wish more and more people embrace the cultures of not only other countries, but within India. It has been an amazing connecting with AFS since last 2 years, and we do think it is an excellent opportunity for those connected with AFS to understand themselves, their own family and families of the world. We feel blessed to be an AFS family!”

—Manish Kothari, Natural Family of AFS Exchange Student, Nandita Kothari & Host Family of Davide (Italy) & Yuma (Japan)

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Explore your potential and pick from a choice of roles and flexible schedules. Benefit from our exceptional volunteer training program, develop your leadership skills and help others learn how to live together.

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Engaging with my community; meeting people from around the world

“Not only did AFS gave us an opportunity to do good for the community, it also taught us how to come together and become a family, work together; and to collaborate with each other, to make friends with whoever comes our way and to cherish those moments  for life. I learnt what it is to meet new people to share life experiences and to accept everyone the way they are and to always look for something new and more interesting in life. ”

—Ambika Ahuja, AFS India volunteer 

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AFS Education

Learn how AFS helps people of all ages and backgrounds develop the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to connect to diverse people, succeed in a global economy and help make a positive impact on the world.

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Creating global citizens, empowering changemakers

These days you don’t have to go far to find an AFSer making a difference in local communities, across industries or at the forefront of an important international issue or social cause. 

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AFS India Events

AFS India Day is celebrated to mark the inception of AFS India in 8th November, 2005. Volunteers celebrate AFS India Day by planning and executing community service for a week time on certain theme. For more information, contact you chapter.